the saddest music in the world

by dogwater

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Joshua James Amberson
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Joshua James Amberson After a long silence, Dogwater is back with a collection of tracks about the daily, perpetual uphill battle of trying to be a human on earth. Perfectly bizarre and surprising throughout. Favorite track: nextdoor neighbors - werewolf song (dogdub).
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most of these songs aren't even done, i just wanted to post them so i can be done with them. pain is not a thing i want to carry always. it's not even really a "record" more of like, imagine you were taking a long drive and it was dark and you were miles between towns and gas stations and no one had a phone or ipod so you had to choose along the radio band and every station was manned by me and every me was feeling sad. it's cool, we got this, friends. yours xoxox


released November 20, 2016

credit where it is due:

such incredible beauty - Butthole Surfers, Peter Bjorn and John

things fall apart - the Postal Service, Captain Ahab, Mirah with samples from the Simpsons and Review with Forrest McNeil

just for the record, love - Bojack Horseman

jet fighters never die - Butthole Surfers

nextdoor neighbors - werewolf song (dogdub) - Nextdoor Neighbors

jet fighters never cry - Butthole Surfers with samples from the Critic

saturday i watched a building burn down - i don't know who made the song used here but i sampled it from the end credits of Brett Gelman and Friends. also samples from Bojack Horseman and Archer

lounge - i really should have actually worked on this mistake, instead of just presenting it as a song. Modest Mouse

bieber bieber justin biebers dome butt - a regrettable title. Biebs

anthem for a new tomorrow (the dark birds of the morning win mix) - L Cohen <3

say you'll let me let you go - Beck, Oasis, Father John Misty, the Chainsmokers, Devotchka, Leonard Cohen. samples from the Saddest Music in the World

the first six and a half minutes of a four hour mix that is gone forever - Peter Bjorn and John slowed down. it just sounds better to me this way.

i have reactions - an outtake from the MacGyver-centric album i keep threatening to make

honey - the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Mexican Institute of Sound, and two tracks of Zyla Wilde remixing my voice from old Hecka Ar songs




dogwater Eugene, Oregon


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